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Stockton University

Stockton University

Step 1: Learn about your PLA options at Stockton University

Stockton University awards credit for CLEP® Exams if the student achieves a minimum score of 50. The number of credits will be granted according to the same credit value as the equivalent course at Stockton University. Some CLEP Exams are designed to cover more than one semester of work.

Credit for military training, course work, DSST exams (formerly DANTES), Defense Language Institute (DLI) exams and corporate training that have been evaluated by the American Council of Education (ACE) will be reviewed by Stockton University on a course-by-course basis upon submission of an ACE transcript.

Currently, Stockton University only awards ACE credits to active duty military service members and veterans, but only if such credits fall within Stockton's mission. Thus, such things as police and fire academies, EMT, and so on, are not accepted, even for current military and veteran students.

Stockton University accepts as transfer credits those that are earned through the Thomas Edison College Examination Program (TECEP® exams).

Students may earn credit via portfolio assessment (prior learning assessment) that has been completed through the NJ PLAN partnership at Thomas Edison State University.


  • Stockton University's residency requirement specifies that 32 of the last 48 credits earned for the degree must be Stockton credits.

Step 2: Contact the NJ PLAN representative at Stockton University

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