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Step 1: Learn about PLA options at Rowan University

Rowan University does not generally place a limit on the number of credits that can be earned through prior learning assessment, with the exception that all undergraduate degrees require the completion of 30 credits at Rowan and that students must complete all degree requirements. Some programs may have different criteria based on accreditation or certification requirements. Each case will be evaluated at the time of matriculation or the time that PLA credits are pursued so that students will have full knowledge of their academic standing and credits.

Earning credit via prior learning assessment at Rowan includes portfolio assessment completed through NJ PLAN, credit-by-exam programs (CLEP®, DSST®, TECEP®, etc.) and professional training that has been evaluated and recommended for college credit by appropriate organizations.

Rowan accepts select training that has been evaluated and recommended for credit by the American Council on Education and the National College Credit Recommendation Service and will evaluate training programs reviewed by Thomas Edison State University on a case-by-case basis. In addition, Rowan students can normally apply credits earned through the Disney College Program as free elective credit.

Law & Justice Studies: Policy for Transferring Police Academy Credits

  1. Students must have a Police Training Commission (PTC) certificate if any credits will be transferred in.
  2. Police academy credits will be counted as the equivalent of credits from a two-year school, thus to fall within the maximum 67 credits hours transferable from such institutions. If students attempting to transfer in academy credits already have 67 credits from a two-year school, the credits will not be accepted.
  3. The Department of Law and Justice Studies will accept a maximum of 9 credits from police academy training.
  4. Police academy credits will count only as free electives and not be counted toward the major.


  • No lab credit will be granted through CLEP®, DSST® and TECEP® exams.
  • Composition requirements earned via CLEP® will be awarded as free elective credit.
  • CLEP® exams are administered on campus in the university's Testing Center
  • View CLEP® equivalents at Rowan
  • Credits earned via DSST® and TECEP® exams will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • View Rowan's transfer credit policy
  • Students are encouraged to have any form of prior learning assessment listed here pre-approved by the relevant academic advisor or the Registrar at Rowan prior to completion of the PLA to ensure transferability. For pre-approval information and questions about transfer credit, Rowan students should contact:

Step 2: Contact the NJ PLAN representatives at Rowan University

Sean Hendricks: or Rory McElwee: